Development Approach

The development of Content Chimera has been driven by two things:

  • Clients of David Hobbs Consulting. This drives cutting-edge features that David uses on consulting engagements. These features are more bleeding edge and power features. These features are first implemented in the backend, to get the “bones” right for the feature set. These power features may remain in the backend and not be exposed on the web front end of the app, but the concept is tested with DHC’s clients. DHC has a separate environment for client engagements where these leading features are first tested (before being put in the environment for customers of Content Chimera).

  • Customers of Content Chimera. Customers tend to drive toward simplicity. For instance, the creation of quickstart paths and automated reports is in response to customer feedback.


If you are a Content Chimera customer, please let us know about directions you would like Content Chimera to go.